Everything You Need to Know About an Airsoft Tri Shot Shotgun

Want to take your airsoft weekends with your friends to the next level? Get an airsoft tri shot shotgun and defeat your opponents before they even manage to raise their gun at you. What is an airsoft tri shot shotgun? Well, it’s a spring-powered shotgun that can shoot three rounds per shot, thus giving you an advantage over your opponents. It looks like some of the real pump action guns with a stable grip so that you can aim properly before firing.

The shells work as magazines, and you can reuse them. Each shell can hold 30 BBs, which means you get 10 shots for every shell. Most of the airsoft tri shot shotguns come with a few shells. If you need more, you can buy them separately.

Build quality

First of all, these shotguns are cheaper compared to the high-end shotguns that you usually see. And the reason why they are cheaper is that they have a polymer body. This is actually beneficial for many because it makes the shotgun lightweight. The pump, body, and even the grip are made of polymer. The matte finish, though, makes the shotguns look extremely stylish.

There is, however, a metal folding stock on the top, giving the shotgun the much-needed stability. The outer metal barrel also has a matte finish. It not only looks stylish but also helps you aim at your opponents quickly. This type of shotgun has a wonderful balance of weight. You won’t feel the gun too heavy or too light because of the excellent weight distribution.

It comes with a little button towards the end, which, when pressed, turns your average-sized airsoft tri shot shotgun into a full-length shotgun. The button allows you to open the barrel to extend the length of the gun. Another benefit of having a polymer body is the weight balance at the back. When you open the barrel and support it on your shoulder, you wouldn’t even feel the weight. In fact, you may even try shooting with one hand because it is so easy to control.

If you don’t want to shorten up the gun, just fold the barrel back by pressing the small button. Place the barrel on the top of the gun and flip the flap and lock the latch.

Pistol grip and trigger

There is a sling attachment point at the back of the pistol grip and another one in the front. Usually, these sling attachment points come in metal so that you can attach a sling to your shotgun. The pistol grip is of polymer, held firmly with a screw at the back.

An airsoft tri shot shotgun has a standard operation. Like other shotguns, it comes with a safety around the trigger. There is also a trigger guard and a quick pump action in the front. All you need to do is push the safety latch back and forward to shoot. The safety latch shows red when you are in fire mode. If you don’t want to shoot, just push the safety latch to the right to put the shotgun into safe mode.

Shooting with airsoft tri shot shotgun.

First of all, you don’t get any aiming sights in this type of gun. And honestly, you won’t need any because of the three-round shot feature. This also gives you a nice little spread of grouping while firing. That means if you don’t hit your target with your first shot, you still have two more shots to bring your opponent down.

Also, since this type of gun has a three-shot firing mode, the shell sits in a chamber right in front of the trigger. All you need to do is give a little flip to the switch located right next to the trigger guard to open up the chamber and take out the shells once they are empty. It doesn’t matter if you finish all the BBs that came with the shotgun. There are tons of brands that supply similar shells containing BBs. Again, the shells contain 30 BBs, meaning you get ten shots per shell.

Why you should buy an airsoft tri shot shotgun

• They are lightweight, allowing you to hold the gun firmly and take aim. With a plastic body from front to back, there’s no question of damaging your hand if you hold the gun for hours.
• Its unique construction allows you to use them in a shorter version and extend the barrel and makes it look like a real shotgun.
• This type of gun is suitable both for indoor and outdoor shooting. That means you can not only play with your friends in the field nearby but also with your kids in the house.

The airsoft tri shot shotgun will be an incredible addition to your arsenal if you are a die-hard shotgun fan. They are not too expensive and should find a place in your house if you love the tri shot concept.

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