How to Make an Airsoft Shotgun Silencer?

Readymade airsoft shotgun silencers are quite expensive. If you have a few airsoft guns in your house, you may be looking at spending a few hundred bucks on the silencers. Instead, you can make one of those silencers at home. They would only cost a few bucks, and once you know the process, you can make one for every shotgun. But first, let’s take a look at some of the things you will need:

• A water bottle
• A 1-ft long ¾ inch PVC
• A 1-ft long 2-inch PVC
• A hose clamp that is big enough to fit tightly over the bottle’s neck.
• Drill
• Razor knife
• Hack saw
• Tin snips
• Screwdriver
• Vice

Making the silencer

Step 1 : First, cut off the label from the water bottle using the razor knife. Next, cut the bottom of the bottle evenly. You can use a marker before cutting. This helps to make the bottom even. Insert the 2-inch PVC pipe from the bottle of the bottle. Push it as far as possible so that it sits tightly. Make a mark on the PVC pipe just at the edge where the bottle ends.

Step 2 : Take the hack saw and cut the 2-inch PVC pipe from where you marked it. Make sure you hold the pipe down firmly to get your lines straight. The pipe should not only fit inside the bottle tightly, but its height should also be the same as the bottle.

Step 3 : Next, you need to cut the ¾-inch PVC pipe. Measure this pipe carefully. This will go inside the 2-inch PVC pipe. Mark ¾-inch to 1-inch from the neck of the bottle. Make sure the height of this pipe matches with the 2-inch pipe. You can make the bottle stand up and then take appropriate measurements. Leaving a few millimeters extra on the ¾-inch pipe won’t be a problem as you can scrape it off with your razor knife later. But don’t make it smaller than the 2-inch pipe. Otherwise, it will not fit tightly inside.

Step 4 : This is where you need to drill holes in the ¾-inch PVC pipe. It takes a long time because you need to concentrate and drill the holes so that they look uniform. You can start by making dots with your marker. Accordingly, use the drill to make holes. Always use a thin spindle drill head to make the holes as they give a professional look to the silencer. Most importantly, it would eliminate the risk of not maintaining the uniformity of the holes. Once you finish, the ¾-inch pipe will look like one of those hair curlers.

Step 5 : In this step, you need to wrap the ¾-inch drilled pipe with a cloth. You can use any old rags you want. It is best to use cotton as they don’t slip away like synthetic. Put two layers of cloth on the pipe. Now, put this entire thing inside the 2-inch pipe so that it fits tightly. Make sure the cloth doesn’t cover the end of the pipe or the bottle. Remember, this is where you will attach your airsoft shotgun. If the cloth is too big after fitting inside the 2-inch pipe, cut or rip it.

Place the ¾-inch pipe covered with a cloth inside the 2-inch pipe. If you notice that the cloth is close on one side than the other, you can stuff more cloth pieces on the other side. Just make sure that the ¾-inch pipe fits as tightly as possible.

Step 6 : Next, you need to cut the neck of the bottle. It would be best to check the diameter of your gun before cutting the neck. Some airsoft guns have a narrow end. They may fit comfortably inside the bottle without having to cut the neck. But if you are using the high-end guns with a significantly large flash hider, then you may need to chop the neck off.

The flash hider should go through the bottle and inside the ¾-inch PVC pipe. Once you cut the neck, try measuring the diameter of the bottle. This should give an idea of whether you need to scrape the sides more.

Step 7 : Lastly, take the hose clamp and put it on the neck of the bottle. This will allow the flash hider to slide into the bottle easily. Once the flash hider is inside, you can tighten the clamp. Pull the flash hider to test whether it fits tightly or not.

You may or may not color the homemade silencer. But it’s best if you do. It gives a professional look to the silencer.

This is the most inexpensive way to make an airsoft shotgun silencer that hardly costs $4. You can get the supplies in any hardware store near you.

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